Random city shots in Philly

2016-11-13 Keymission general (2 of 13)

Just walking around in the city of Philadelphia. Had a camera in my pocket and absolutely no purpose what-so-ever. I did some snaps and here are the ones I like. No comment on this one. This was still Fall.  Yeah, I’ve posting photos from four months ago :-) Nice tree for a self-centered selfie. You […]

Spring in February? Skate!

2017-02-25 skate (7 of 8)

Can you believe it?! It was 72 F this morning, now is 55 F and tonight will be 36 F… This weather is very confusing… We went our for a skate around Philly and I figured I’d share some photos from the different places we went to. Next time come out and play with us! […]

Carwash for lovers


I always find carwash sexy and intimate, somehow.  I have no idea what’s wrong with me, but sitting in a car with a girl, moving through a carwash, is just something sexy. Very sexy.  Don’t you agree? Hopefully you have someone to ride through a carwash with, too. XOXO

It’s foggy in Philly

fog (2 of 3)

Uncountable number of microscopic droplets, too small to be much-affected by gravity—fog had always fascinated me. Somehow I’m always reminded of that book by Stephen King, waiting for the monsters to show their scary tentacles and drag us away… Nah, fog is cool. Love ya! XOXO

Continuing my explorations with Nikon’s KeyMission 80 camera

keymission-general (2 of 12)

I can’t believe it’s been two months already since I’ve been using Nikon’s KeyMission 80 camera.  I posted about my first experience with it and my opinion had not changed since then: the camera’s portability, durability, and ease of use, wins!  Now I, mostly, keep it in my car and grab’n’go when cell phone is […]