Selecting a new workout


I frequently get asked how to choose a right workout. I do not know the answer. I am not a pro athlete or a personal trainer. I have the same resources as you do and I have access to the same stores. Yesterday evening I read an article about the benefit of a morning kettle […]

Wisconsin, 2013


So I took a day to visit my good friends in Wisconsin.  One of my first publications is with Alexey and we keep reasonably close contact for the last 10+ years.  He just doesn’t seem to change and neither does his wife; their daughter, however, is no longer 12… she’s 21.  WOW!  That was a […]

Pullups and plank morning routine


So, for a while I’ve been doing pullups every morning, trying to improve my strength.  Well, I’ve noticed that my form is quite a bit off.  I decided it’s time to get off high count and go back to lower reps but improve my form/technique.  But what else to do in the morning?  Just pullups? […]

Chicago, 2013


So, I went to Chicago.  I had some work to do there but I had a chance to walk around downtown and skate a bit as well.  I think Chicago is one of the best cities in US, given all the rest of the variables.  Sorry I had too little time to cover the city […]

UIC, 11 years after


This was an interesting weekend, anyway you look at it. I did take a few hours to walk around the streets of my old alma mater — University of Illinois at Chicago, UIC. Well, I was a bit shocked at my own feelings about all of this; for this reason this particular post might be […]

Skate DC, 2013


So, this weekend was the Skate DC event.  I had very many things on my plate so I was only, unfortunately, able to make ONE skate — the first one on Friday evening.  Still, it is an absolutely awesome time and a great crowd!  I will definitely be back next year [hopefully this time I […]

Spring in Philadelphia


I was traveling quite a bit lately and missed the beginning of Spring in Philly.  Well, I cannot fix that but I can grab a camera and pretend these are the first days of Spring. Now, why put this post in the “Travel” category?  Well, if I was looking at these photos I would get […]

Nicaragua, 2013 (part 2)


April 17th, On the way to Masaya, Granada We are heading to a more touristy place.  Can’t wait.  I just might meet cute girls [spoiler: none!]. Speaking of that, meet my “condom”.  You buy a bottle of Pepsi in a glass bottle.  They show it to you and then pour it into a plastic bag […]

Nicaragua, 2013 (part 1)


We were sitting at a bar with Eugene and Anastasiia, this was my third event that day so I was already happy.  Eugene was talking to me about this trip he wanted to take to someplace called Nicaragua.  I have never been there.  Matter of fact, I’ve always wanted to go to Africa.  Of course […]