Snow day in Philly

Fresh snow on the ground?  Forty degrees F?  Well, why would I not want to grab a camera and run off to take some pics, especially if friends are waiting for me across town to eat some Chinese?!  Seriously, isn’t it just unbelievably gorgeous when you have a few weeks of significantly-below-freezing weather and then one day—forty!!!  Remember fall, when the days got to be 40F at night and you were bitching about it being super-cold?  Ha!  Now, today, 40F is like super-nice (especially now that I’m writing this my thermometer is showing nice and chill 23F outside).  No, please, camera and no gloves, melting fresh now, runny rivers of goo, YAY city!


The walk from my apartment is already gorgeous.  I’m super-happy I have to turn ISO way down to 200 and up the f-stop to compensate for all this SUN!


Dirty show is meting, slowly.  Gonna freeze tomorrow, sure, but now is just freaking gorgeous!


And all the snowmen the kids make :-).


Dang, the slush is the same as on my last trip to Kiev…  There I was bitching that they don’t clean the streets and here I just wait a few hours for it to dry…


Funny, but in this country even a construction site does not generate all the dirt and shit you’d see everywhere else in the world.


Except, of course, the watery-fucking-slush.  Just add some sugar and you have yourself Italian Ice :-)


It’s on these days that I secretly wish I was driving one of these badass mofos!!


Dripping-wet Goodbye|Welcome mat.


Check it out, I actually got to capture the droplet :-).  I’m so freaking proud of myself I think I’m gonna pee my pants.  Nah, honestly, I had to take ~10 photos in burst mode to get one like this.  It’s fun any way you look at it.


Snow.  Yummy yummy snow.  Oh, wait, I’m just remembering being a kid and eating the snow.  Just not the yellow snow.  No no no.  Not the yellow snow, please.


Lovely how the streets look so… so welcoming.  Don’t you agree?


And the park… Just overloads my camera’s CCD with light.


Attack of a killer grizzly :-)


I guess nobody lives there.


That’s a dope reflection.  Never be afraid to look up!


Welcome to USA—we only clean what we are absolutely required to over here.  Yeah, we’re cool with cleaving 2-meter path covered in snow cause we’re fucking lazy and don’t give two shits.


Shorts, man, really?


This is my true “Philly Snow” photo: pissed-off-looking cabbie, adding windshield fluid.


Gates to Narnia :-).


And the paths seldom travelled.


And the City Hall that just fits right in.


See, the streets are starting to dry.  It’s the low humidity here that makes for a clean city.


This bird was butt-ugly and super-old…  Doesn’t look like that on the photo.  Oh well… I suppose I failed at capturing just the right moment.


I love Philly.  Seriously, I do.


I mean I even made this shot my site’s main backdrop [at least until I get bored of it].


Frozen-in bikes and all.


This…  This, no thank you, I do not love.  Just to shitty.  Spleh!


The new City Hall “park” is too freaking sterile.  Bring back the old bum-infested goodness!


Guess which one’s me :-).


Or guess who the fuck Luis is.  Well, I don’t care.  Just thought it’s cute some girl/boy did that.


Well, this corner of the city hall park is a little better.  Nice at night, I bet.  I am still to come by here at night…  Maybe when it gets a bit warmer I’ll swing by here.  Yeah, for sure!


FUCK!  Nuddinghead is closed?!  Since when?!  I suppose I have to swing by more often by my “favorite” place…


Snow starts to look even better in the dark.  My hands, by the way, are starting to freeze over.  Thankfully I’m about to get home :-).


I like the shiny streets like this.  Lovely.


And finally the ex-church-turned-condoes next to my house.  It’s pretty nifty, if you ask me.  Love it!  Except I would never live in it… Can you freaking believe it?!  They converted this into condos and now people live in the old church…  Insane!

Alrighty.  Y’all have yourselves a good time and come back for more, ya’hear?!

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