Technology sucks!

So, I do alot of my editing in Markdown and I am frequently not on WiFi.  Why do I have to limit myself to software that works only barely…  Blogging is a “huge” thing now with everyone having something to say about everything all the time.  So, does everyone use online editors?  Can’t there be something nice and usable that is not just good-looking and friendly but is also… did I say USABLE already?

Did this work?  I hate to have to click “publish” to figure out if something I tried to do actually work of not…

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  1. Gogga December 2, 2014 at 12:33 pm #

    Holy crap! This worked exactly like I wanted it to. I think I need to write an article about Blogo ( and that way actually learn all of its options… It looks damn good but works… so-so, to say the least.

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