Thinking about 2015

Spent a bit of time, walking around the city this Sunday and thinking, making plans for next year and analyzing the passing one. Always interesting for me how time changing seasons influence my mood and my level of over-analyzing the everything-that-surrounds-me. More about that in other posts, I am sure, but I think this year was a very interesting, challenging, and a “transformative” one, for me. I need to start making a list of resolutions for the new year and go over my last year’s list to make sure I failed at everything or I actually got one-or-two things accomplished (knowing me, … I think I might have gotten the whole list completed but I do tend to make more realizing lists for myself).

Anyway, enough about the moody thinking and let’s look at Philly in the late fall.


Missing leaves make me a little bit sad :( but a little happy about the coming snow and the change that it always brings.


Yeah… right as I was thinking that everything is over (with the Fall) and … well … there’s a freaking “evergreen”…




I mean Ha Ha Ha! :-)


Clean.  When cold…


Oh, yeah, of course.


R.H. is as it always is.


La Colombe switched their pastry menu.  How delightful!


Competition :-)




And more competition :-).  I need to come up with some shooting ideas so I can keep myself occupied as I go for these “thinking walks”.


I need to remember the contrast between the old and the new buildings and come out for a photoshoot one of these days, give that idea a whirl.


I keep wondering why some streets get the cleaning and others not.  The old leaves are finally dust, just waiting for the next rain to make them disgusting slush.  Yay!


I love this street!  But I do wonder how annoying it must get for the people inside the buildings to have a constant and rather powerful light outside their window…




As they are cleaning up the streets “they” are cleaning the ads off the walls and poles.  This one is so old that I could not even make out the date…  Well, it’s not that old.  Just made me remember the South Street in Philly as it was years ago.  I wonder where the change will take it and how it will endup looking in another 10–20 years.


Alright.  I am mentally prepped to make some noted in my book and work on the 2015 planning.


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