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I am fascinated with everyday objects that I come across, from a fork to a mobile phone. I’ve decided to photograph things I find on a street and try to share their story with you.

ODF: Shell it!


Well, how often do you find a used gun shell on a street?  Actually, come to think of it, I have no idea… Interestingly, Philadelphia Police has an interesting tool to give you that wondrous ability.  Would you look at that?! NONE, in the area I drew: Interesting…  Is the tool even working?  How does […]

Light booth for 360 photos


So, naturally, being an engineer, I over engineer.  Instead of taking photos of stuff I find on the streets I am constructing an elaborate lightbox-type of a setup where I am planning to take 360º photos, convert them into videos and animated GIFs and post those.  Sigh.  Well, I’m a dang engineer, what do you […]



Interesting read, about the history of tweezers.  Honestly, I did not realize (or think about) how old these things really are: humans needed support to precisely pick up small objects for a very long time.  Think about the use of tweezers in medicine, too—I bet these are even more used than a scalpel.