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My experience with loosing weight and controlling my diet through exercise, eating right, and changing my lifestyle to accommodate the new me.

Inspirational story


So, I plan to start posting about weight loss (since I plan to loose some). Figured I’d share this inspirational story from Slowly and surely, my diet degraded to the point where it became just a shadow of the formerly nutritious diet to which I’d subscribed. By December of 2013, I looked in the […]



So I go a little nuts sometimes over the sports I do. I think it’s OK to be hurtin’ a little just about every day of my life—not too much, though, please. See, I recommend this level of activity to all who ask me about it: Do enough sports that you are tired in the […]

The Reason

Some conversations, given my general love of everything sports-related [doing, not watching], stir toward the topic of loosing or controlling weight. Gosh, it’s really so terribly easy it’s not even funny. You just do that. Control weight. What works for me is realizing why I wish to do that, how I want to approach this […]

15-minute Kettlebell workout


So, I’ve been lifting my kettlebell every morning for about two weeks now.  To be honest, I skip some mornings so I do this after I get from work; but, anyway.  My first simple Google search was “15-minute kettlebell workout”.  One of the top links was from Men’s Health mag.  They really like words like […]

Selecting a new workout


I frequently get asked how to choose a right workout. I do not know the answer. I am not a pro athlete or a personal trainer. I have the same resources as you do and I have access to the same stores. Yesterday evening I read an article about the benefit of a morning kettle […]

Pullups and plank morning routine


So, for a while I’ve been doing pullups every morning, trying to improve my strength.  Well, I’ve noticed that my form is quite a bit off.  I decided it’s time to get off high count and go back to lower reps but improve my form/technique.  But what else to do in the morning?  Just pullups? […]



We’re all a little bit chubby. Well, if we are at all healthy that is. I’ve been trying to monitor my weight for a while now, five-six years at this point. I’ll start adding some articles here, which I think could be useful to either explain something to you, teach you, or change your mind […]