Archive | November, 2016

Saturday skate


Another Saturday skate through the not-so-warm streets of Philadelphia.  It was a bit windy but otherwise not-too-bad of a 50ºF day. An interesting highlight for me was noticing the interesting way to position the parking sign for the Wanamaker building: Otherwise, the skate was fairly predictably awesome, without any major highlights: If you own a […]

Another tour of the city


Just a chill Sunday skate through the city, reminding me why I love it here. For starters, the shopping list here. I need: coffee weed smokes … I dig the order of things here. Highschool, I’m guessing? Attack dog here. Zen with satellite dishes. Why does nobody eat the berries?? We just be chill’n here […]

Why skate?!


Why do I skate? I’m not going to blabber about the workout value, or the social value of getting out to spend a few hours with friends. No. I’ll go straight to getting to know your city.  We skated to Navy Yard, again. What’s the value of going to the sample place over and over? Well, […]

North Philly and otherwise Philly skate


Sunday skates are chill[er] than otherwise, so today was pretty relaxing.  Weather was gorgeous, with some gusts of wind. We skated through North Philly and then returned into the city; and I wanted to share with you contrasts of both the colors and the buildings.  I really think Philly’s North side is the up-and-coming area […]

Skate PHL!, the Fall edition


—Just another day outside, skating, right?  Nope.  It is an awesome sun-filled wonderful day skating!  Never you mind the hills and the miles, staying outside is absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth every minute spent doing it.  This Saturday Eric, our fearless leader, decided to take is to see some fall spectacularity in Philly general area. […]

Philly is nice in the Fall


Went for a nice walk in this unusually-awesome weather and here’s the result.  FYI, I am still testing Nikon’s KeyMission 80 camera to see if I like using it.  If you’re curious, here’s what the output looks like. We can all still get ice cream! And this dog definitely looks like he’s pretty desperate for […]