Halloween Skate

Ever wonder what it’s like to traverse the city with a costume and skates on?  Well, here we are!  This is the Landskaters‘ official Halloween Skate.  Unfortunately only happens once a year.  Typically, we are on skates.  This one day we are also dressed up (some of us). Well, I think most of these pics … Continue to full post

Davis, CA

There are three kinds of people here—it is now apparent to me: the Tall, the Asian, and the Others. The Others are a silent majority—I am one, too—and they move in-and-out of the occasional Tall and the clouds of the Asian, silently. The place is majestic in its own right, just look at all the … Continue to full post

Philly vote

Walking around Pine street here in Philly, I stumbled upon a nice contract.  One side of the street is all about the Democrats and the other not-so-much.  I like the contrast. Look to your left, what do you see? Bernie Bernie Bernie! Feel the Bern? Well, I sure as fuck do not… Didn’t he… NOT … Continue to full post

Light booth for 360 photos

So, naturally, being an engineer, I over engineer.  Instead of taking photos of stuff I find on the streets I am constructing an elaborate lightbox-type of a setup where I am planning to take 360º photos, convert them into videos and animated GIFs and post those.  Sigh.  Well, I’m a dang engineer, what do you … Continue to full post

One Day Find

I have long been fascinated with objects of human creation; and I’m not talking about the pyramids of Egypt or space crafts. A fork is something that, at some point, did not exist, and neither did a cell phone.  I am flabbergasted at the items I see all around me at all times.  I find … Continue to full post


Interesting read, about the history of tweezers.  Honestly, I did not realize (or think about) how old these things really are: humans needed support to precisely pick up small objects for a very long time.  Think about the use of tweezers in medicine, too—I bet these are even more used than a scalpel.