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Madrid, Spain, 2015


Madrid…  How come it’s been over a year that I’m only now writing about this?  Got busy is all.  Let me just offload these photos, most of them with just small descriptions, to remind me (and entice you to visit) about this majestic city. The welcoming was great! The whole city is pretty awesome. Yes, […]

Assateague, MD—the island with horsies

Assateague, MD (20 of 32)

I visit the Assateague Island from time to time.  The beach is typically clean there and the drive to get there is nice.  The key feature, of course, are the horses who [sometimes] chill right on the beach. This time we didn’t get lucky-enough to see any, except at the very end and from a distance. Anyway, I […]

Philly Spring

philly spring (16 of 25)

Yeah, just now getting around to posting some new pics.  This was in Spring in Philly; so let this serve you as a reminder or how nice it was when the weather was chill—in the 70s—and we could all walk around for more than 10 feet without getting drenched in sweat. Ah, Spring sidewalks… Construction around […]