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Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA 2016) party + skate

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Ah, Spring!  Definitely my favorite time of the year :).  I absolutely adore everything in the Spring. Especially today, since the weather is gorgeous and—despite the early rain—we will be skating, and there is a festival going on in Philly. So, here’s a video from the skate.  It includes everything I though was worth turning […]

Inspirational story


So, I plan to start posting about weight loss (since I plan to loose some). Figured I’d share this inspirational story from Slowly and surely, my diet degraded to the point where it became just a shadow of the formerly nutritious diet to which I’d subscribed. By December of 2013, I looked in the […]

Manayunk festival

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Yo! What’up? Nada I’m heading to this festival in Manayunk, look like fun OK Spring is in the air; so what’s better to do on a Sunday than a festival somewhere? Sun is shining and the weather is oh-my-fucking-god! People are chill here.  Lovely Tons of kids.  I didn’t picture Manayunk to be all about the […]

Some photos from my backpack

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I’ve been carrying my camera with me at all times for a few weeks now.  I’ve had some interesting projects that I’ll share later but here are some photos that simply don’t fit into any category at all.  There’s just a “pocket dump”; but since the cam is not in my pocket but rather in […]