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San Francisco, 2016

San Francisco 2016 (72 of 213)

I was here for one night in 2006 but somehow I didn’t post those pics on here. Well, the place is different from what I remember: way more homeless people. In the last ten years the economy was definitely not doing phenomenally well and it shows. I’we talked around the city and, to be honest, […]

Mummers parade skate


I posted already the photos of the aftermath of the Mummers Parade in Philly this year. However, we did go for a skate earlier in the day, following the parade route. We do this every year and it is definitely a shit-ton’a-fun! This year, around the city hall, the security was way too tight to let people on wheels […]

NYE 2016, Mummers parade aftermath

NYE 2016 Mummers (17 of 18)

Philly Mummers are definitely a fun rioty bunch and the endup of the parade is where it’s at: drunkards, trash, gluttony, and definitely clowns! Yeah, I don’t know… I don’t know, even more. Typical street view. Everyone is happy, though.  Very fun-filled crowd. Drinking TONS of shit-beer. Typical. And I think I see this guy every […]

NEY 2016, Philly

NYE 2016 (13 of 31)

So, what are your New Year’s resolutions? Mine are to spend the yer just like I spent this evening: surrounded by good friends, full of delicious libations, and watching something fun unfold. Don’t know about you, but I spent this NYE partying at Pier 3 down by the water, watching the fireworks. Here are some recollections from the […]