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Persistence of nature


Funny thing I just noticed.  Walking in the city today I snapped a pic of some plants; later in the evening—right now—I edited a post from a while back this summer (just catching up on things) and realized that I picked the same exact shot for the cover image: Crazy, right?  Let’s see if you […]

Philly African festival

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Again, catching up with older photos. Here’s an email from July this year: The African Festival ~ August 2 ~ FREE – From 2 pm to 8 pm at The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, enjoy artists, groups, and dance troupes from around the African continent to perform. Also enjoy delicious African food vendors, as well as traditional and modern clothing, arts, and crafts vendors. ~ The African Festival ~ The link is […]

Late December in Philly

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I’m traveling to California shortly and looks like the weather there is identical to today’s weather in Philly so I decided to “test out” an outfit I plan to wear to Cali. I brought the camera with to see if it fits well in the bag, etc etc etc. Managed to snap some photos and […]

Candle making

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Well, … let me telly ya… there is nothing more manly than making scented candles.  My only excuse to keep my manhood somehow is that I wanted to make a few presents for some friends so I did it :). The process is very simple.  Buy some candle wax: Melt it. Keep melting it, slowly. […]

Portland, OR

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Spent a day in Portland, OR.  Note, I went there in July and it’s December now, I know.  I’m just using the holiday time to catch up with posting. Anyway, I recall thinking this is a really gorgeous place to visit and must be a superb city to live in.  Can’t say anything about the […]

St. Martin, 2015

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Distant sounds of young girl’s laughter is about the only thing I can hear besides the wind here; and, no, it is not windy, just quiet. I can see the stars, too. What was the last time you looked up at the sky and saw something other than the projectors tracing the cloudy sky, advertising a […]

Fishtank reboot

2015-12-26 fish (5 of 6)

Every year (or-so) I completely renew my fishtank.  This year I decided to sell my hugely-overgrown monster fishes back to the store (made a cool $12.50) and renewed everything; largely owing to the failed filter. Now I have brand new filter, new plants, and new fish. This is very exciting for me since I don’t […]

Visit Philadelphia

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My favorite site Lifehack just published an article about the 20 reasons to visit Philly.  I completely agree with 19 of the 20 as I, personally, hate cheesesteaks.  Just terrible waste of calories!  However, you have to try them for yourself to really decide if you love them or you hate them; thus, I have […]