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We are prepping for the pope visit. Yay!  Walked by a few exhibits at the Art Museum yesterday and walked out to this, so just had to go over and take a look. First, there are many many powerful lights all over the place.  I think they are planning to see the Philly nights go […]

Philly in Fall


I had a bit of time today and decided to walk around the city a little and snap some pics.  I was running the cam in B&W preview mode (but pics are saved in RAW).  I honestly intended to do a classing black-and-white run but turns out I’m in love with color so changed all […]

Friends with benefits


I just wanted to re-stress the importance of having a bunch of friends.  I think it’s like the most super-duper thing you can possibly have—friends.  Yeah, I’m bragging, why not?  Since I decided to agree to most everything offered to me I went to see a soccer match.  Well, Inter Milan kicked ass and we […]

Barcelona, Spain, 2015


There is magic out there, I am sure of it, for I have seen it. You see, we go through life, as children, constantly learning new things, always improving, never stopping to believe there is a boogiemen out there or there is something far greater out there than what we are. Well, as we get […]