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Seoul, South Korea (Asia, 2015)


I didn’t *really* leave the airport(s), just moved from one to the other one. But it’s pretty awesome here and I definitely want to visit Korea again and spend some significant time in Seoul. This is my first time in Korea but I think I would actually love it here. In my initial view, a […]

Guangzhou, China (Asia, 2015)


Fortunately, or unfortunately, I didn’t get out of the airport here. I was planning to, on the way back, but it’s 100F outside (I’m writing this while at the Guangzhou’s Airport coffee shop). There is a smoking room so I’ll just chill here and write, even though I have 11 hours total to wait :-). […]

Dragon Boat festival


Did you know anything about the International Dragon Boat festival?  Me neither.  But apparently there is such a thing (link is to the Philly race).  A few short months ago a friend of mine approached me with a strange request to occupy my Thursdays with sweat and water.  Oh, but why would I possibly refuse such […]