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Just decided to walk around, brought the cam along, and my fingers were not sufficiently frozen not to take pics.  Look this is just like 30 minutes, maybe two hours of walking around, maybe more or less.  Just some things I see and want to share.  My site!  I share! :-) Something yellow. Something green. Something… […]

New Hope


Cursed little town for me…  Every time I go here something bad happens.  This time, on the way back, ran into a pothole which damaged my baby’s right-front-strut and cost me about 6-7 hours at two mechanic shops and, finally, about $600.  Well, it’s just an accident, right?  But what about the last time I […]

Snow day in Philly


Fresh snow on the ground?  Forty degrees F?  Well, why would I not want to grab a camera and run off to take some pics, especially if friends are waiting for me across town to eat some Chinese?!  Seriously, isn’t it just unbelievably gorgeous when you have a few weeks of significantly-below-freezing weather and then […]

Philly car show


Yes, The Philly car show.  I went with a friend (ended up being four of us).  Just a fun evening.  Haven’t been here for ages.  Matter of fact, I’ve been to only one car show and it was in Philly about 12 years ago.  Things have changed…   The surfaces are a little different, now […]

Kiev, 2015


This is a little surprising, given that I forgot how the last time was, around here. I see people. I see living people. But I also see the snow and the fact that nobody seems to care to clean it; I see police officer eyeing my smiling mug suspiciously; I see a bulimic girl eyeing me […]