This place…  China…  I was amazed at the way people behave and hold themselves.  I was transformed back to the country which my family fled almost 20 years ago…  I was mesmerized by the people and the culture here, still so much like my childhood in Soviet Union…  Starting from the red Pioneer ties I […]


Whine whine whine!  I don’t even know what to whine about with this problem…  Can I even call it a problem?  I am sitting in an exceedingly boring meeting.  All I want is to get out of here and go cry in my office about wanting to smoke…  Do I really want to smoke?  I’ve […]

I quit!

Well, not yet.  I set my “quit date” for July 5th, a day after a party and a week before my b-day.  I think I might be able to do it this time.  I’m hopeful :-). Anyway, I setup a new category in this blog where I will whine about smoking.  Let’s see how it […]

Want to see my garden?

My friend was nice-enough to take me on a tour of his “garden”. Just 10 kilometers outside of the city, just a few miles out of the way of the noisy traffic, crazy pedestrians, and overall insanity of a major city we find ourselves in a little haven of farmlands. I am instantly reminded of […]

Some airports…

This is got to be the busiest airport I have ever been to… and the smells are nothing like I have ever smelled.  This was a very interesting experience.  Not to mention that my flight out was delayed by six hour; six of which I’ve spent standing, trying not to fall asleep, in a crowd […]

Why no move in?

Perhaps there is some irony in this.  I am flying to the country that is was in economic decay for so many years, a country that could barely manage its vast population, from an airport in a dying city.  To China from Detroit.  Do you not see the irony here?  Well, I do.  But what […]

Boar’s Head in Charlottesville

Interesting trip. Headed to Virginia for a day-long presentation. This reminds me of how amazing this country must have been for the original settlers coming here from the main land. Most of the originators of this country have settled around this area in Virginia, I suppose. Yes, I am likely wrong on the specifics, I […]

Dinner with friends

Don’t you agree that a nice dinner with nice friends in nice?  I frequently forget how unbelievably awesome it is to go to the suburbs and share a nice home-cooked meal with friends…  This is a cornerstone of our living, of our life.  We run around, in this crazy work-life, all day and all night, […]


Just a short stop here to catch the buss to Nara.  The airport, as usual and as expected, is extraordinarily efficient and I’m off the plane, past security, out of the gates, and into the smoking area in all but 15 minutes.  And we have plants all over :-).  Lovely country and definitely worth a […]


For how many times I have been to Tokyo… I was never there. The airport seems to be the only place for me to dwell here.  The efficiency and cleanliness of the Japanese that I will see in Nara are evident, clearly, in what I see from the airport window. Ah, water in the ashtray! […]


Keyboard soaked in wine which I tried to emergency-clean off, keys a little sticky, still, I will try to describe to you my recent trip to Japan.  I have been to Japan before and it is amazing every time.  Every city I visit here, every restaurant, every street—everything about this place.  Japan is the “old […]

Narita cravings

What happens to you when you remove humanity from a completely everyday situation—craving water? Just a bit over an hour ago I was running from Terminal 2 of the Narita airport in Tokyo to Terminal 1. Only 17 minutes left before boarding began, I did have about 20 minutes of walking left; but, WHOA!, there […]

Australia, Geelong, Victoria

Well, I was here on business and spent quite a bit of time working.  Roughly 12-hour days, actually.  I was left alone on Saturday so I did have a chance to walk around quite a bit, check out different things this city has to offer.  Ah, I’m just making excuses for only rolling a 59-second […]

Layover in Canada

This is an absolutely wonderful airport. I have, unfortunately, never been here before. I am most surprised and very happily intrigued. I am, as we all are, greeted with a wonderful rainbow, somehow symbolizing the unity of one and all.  I’ve seen that somewhere before ;-) The place is full of iPads.  I really like […]

Goodbye, cruel world

Indeed, it has been a while since I have traveled to Asia.  My last trip here changed the course of my life for a few years and, in a way, really fucked me up, perhaps in a good way, who knows… On this particular rainy day I woke up at 8:05 am—alarm was originally set […]

Philly in May

Just went for a walk. This is a late spring / early summer in Philly.  The real flowers re just starting and the early flowers are already starting to off. Beautiful day full of colors and things.  I thought you might enjoy the walkthrough as I did.  I got some thinking done as well.  Thinking […]

Wilmington, Delaware

Well, this was a very interesting afternoon, most assuredly so.  A friend invited to me to Wilmington, Delaware.  “Wilmington?!”—I thought.  Actually, this be the one nearby city I have been… avoiding?… skipping?… never-making-to-for-no-reason?… You know, you live right next to a big city, which considers itself your “suburb” and you never visit.  Every time I […]

Erm… Been a while…

Whoopsie…  I haven’t been posting for quite a while.  You know how life gets to you with the busy schedules, constant meetings, etc etc.  I forgot the importance of daily practice, just like at the gym,—writing!  Also…  Looking over the site, updating everything, moving some things around and activating new plugins and such…  Whoops!  Apparently […]

Building a nest

Oh, the lengths we go to, trying to build a nest. Published in Nature, this open-access article talks about large circular structures pufferfish build, just to attract the opposite sex. …male pufferfishes (Torquigener sp., Tetraodontidae) constructed large geometric circular structures on the seabed that played an important role in female mate choice. Males dug valleys […]

Five or seven?

Recently, I read over a question: “How many continents are there?”  Well, five, of course, right?  And I was pleasantly surprised that in-fact there are considered to be seven.  This is completely silly.  Look at the “official” definition (that is if you consider Google search to be “official definition”): Wait, what?!  You are separating Europe […]

Abstract photo of a fire burning

Good friends, great times, a glass of 12-year-old scotch in my hand and a camera in the other, I could not resist taking this shot. Reminds me of all the great conversations we’ve had by the fire but also of those comfortable silence moments where everything is just right. You can purchase this photograph in my store […]

Setting up an Etsy shop

I have been receiving recommendations to setup a shop [LOL @ set-up-shop] on Etsy and start selling my work.  Well, done and done!  Thus-far I’ve only listed one item but I have setup a Facebook page and a new category on gogga.com (the one you’re reading now) not to mention sorting through last month of […]

Fishiy fish

So, I finally decided to clean the fish tank.  This is what is was: Throw out lotsa trash :-) Cleanup. Clean the windows. Straighten the plants. Replace the water. With some clean water. Finishing touches. And here we go. Clean tank. Gorgeous, ain’t it? This just took two hours… Plus I had to get really […]