Building a nest

Oh, the lengths we go to, trying to build a nest. Published in Nature, this open-access article talks about large circular structures pufferfish build, just to attract the opposite sex. …male pufferfishes (Torquigener sp., Tetraodontidae) constructed large geometric circular structures on the seabed that played an important role in female mate choice. Males dug valleys […]

Five or seven?

Recently, I read over a question: “How many continents are there?”  Well, five, of course, right?  And I was pleasantly surprised that in-fact there are considered to be seven.  This is completely silly.  Look at the “official” definition (that is if you consider Google search to be “official definition”): Wait, what?!  You are separating Europe […]

Abstract photo of a fire burning

Good friends, great times, a glass of 12-year-old scotch in my hand and a camera in the other, I could not resist taking this shot. Reminds me of all the great conversations we’ve had by the fire but also of those comfortable silence moments where everything is just right. You can purchase this photograph in my store […]

Setting up an Etsy shop

I have been receiving recommendations to setup a shop [LOL @ set-up-shop] on Etsy and start selling my work.  Well, done and done!  Thus-far I’ve only listed one item but I have setup a Facebook page and a new category on (the one you’re reading now) not to mention sorting through last month of […]

Fishiy fish

So, I finally decided to clean the fish tank.  This is what is was: Throw out lotsa trash :-) Cleanup. Clean the windows. Straighten the plants. Replace the water. With some clean water. Finishing touches. And here we go. Clean tank. Gorgeous, ain’t it? This just took two hours… Plus I had to get really […]

Philly in the afternoon

Finally!!  I actually had a chance to come out with the camera in the afternoon, as opposed to the previous night photos I’ve been taking.  Not only is it gorgeous out, I also wanted to test  out the camera in daylight.  Let me tell ya, the Fujifilm x100s performance is stellar!  I am quite impressed […]

Philly at night

In another installment of the city-at-night photos, let’s take a look at my friday’s trip to and from a sushi joint.  There is so much to see in Philly!  I really like the empty and quiet night streets here.  Don’t just idly walk home!  Take a look around yourself, above your head, below your feet. […]


I have no idea why I ever leave my office with daily sunsets like this.  I need to run by there at night and wait for a sunrise — I bet it’s even better :-).  I am also continue to be impressed with the pickup on the Fujifilm x100s sensor.  Great camera!

An evening in Philly with Fujifilm x100s

I had a chance to take Fujifilm x100s out shooting.  Night in Philadelphia…  Could there be a better setup for testing the camera’s low-light capabilities?  I think not.  With ISO going up to 6400 and the ultra-fast f2.0 lens this camera is bound to be a great solution for these conditions, keeping in mind that […]

Driving around, talking: a social experiment

Making a little experiment here. I drive a lot. Well, not as much as many but I do spend about an hour-a-day on the road and find it a bit boring at times. When I’m not listening to audiobooks or dubstep, I think. Random thoughts, just like everyone else. I think about the economic meltdowns, […]

My old lab, where art thou?!

Hess Engineering Laboratories at Drexel University is what I moved in to sometime in 2002, oh-so-long-ago.  Back then I was a disgruntled software developer and an organic chemist, going back to school because of crashing economy.  That would be another story but, let me tell you, I knew nothing about this field of “plasma” and […]

Oy vey! A new Nikon

My oh my, a new release from Nikon…  The Nikon Df.   So, this is supposedly a rival to the new Sony A7r.  Really?  Let’s take a look, shall we? Weight: Nikon D800e: 1000 g Nikon Df: 710 g Sony A7r: 407 g Sony wins hands-down!  How about size, without lens (W H D in […]

Fall in Philly, macro

Yesterday was pretty amazing!  I led a skate, spent an awesome afternoon with girls, had a few friends over.  Oh, and squeezed in a few photos into the picture as well :-).  What else could I ask for?!  World peace, perhaps, but that’s not usually in the cards now, is it?  Well, here are some […]

Mother Russia

Friends ask me sometimes why I left Russia and if I ever want to go back.  Well, no, I do not.  Why did I leave?  Well, I stumbled on these photos and remembered living in Moscow in in 90s.  These paintings remind me of what Russia was like and, trust me, I have seem all […]

Fall in Philly, part 2

Alrighty, here’s a second installment of last weekend’s “Fall in Philly“.  This is from earlier today, actually.  Right after work I picked up the girl and we went to walk around the city a little bit.  The bad news is that the sun sets so fast here, it being almost winter and all…  I just […]

Fall in Philly

I had a few visitors over the last few weeks so had a chance to run around the city with my camera.  Nothing fancy, just photos of Philadelphia falling into the fall. I am starting to use HDR less since, clearly, I am not yet good at it.  There is quite a bit of learning […]

A7R or D800E?

  * image stolen from here. So, I am reading this article and thinking about the new Sony A7R.  This is an absolutely awesome monster!  Love it!  I have D800E and seriously thinking about the Sony, primarily for its size. Nod to the jokes sprinkled into the review: the body feels strong enough to hammer […]

Loosing weight is awesome

Just wanted to share with you that I’m back on my workout program and I’ll be sharing the workout routines soon as well. Gym makes you happy, trust me. Go, work out, you will love yourself for it and you will look better.

iOS 7… Sucks on iPad

I was expecting something a little more from Apple. Yes, I ran the beta for a while on my iPad and everything was quite slow; so please explain why everything is so slow now? If you have not upgraded yet, don’t! Anyway, this is kind of strange and I hope Apple fixes iPad speed. Photos, […]

Moonset and sunrise in Kiev

So, I  am still jet-lagged and can’t sleep in the morning.  Woke up at around 5:30am and, since I could think of nothing better to do, I set my cam on a balcony railing to do a quick timelapse of moon going down on the horizon.  I blame my poor Engrish for the funny I […]

Australia, Tasmania, 2013

Preparations Last day at work, presentations almost done, plans almost made, packing list half-done, packing itself not even started. I don’t like traveling, I just like *arriving* :-). Packing takes time and I always overpack! Except my last trip to Chicago. So, this is the moment of truth. I will be at home in less […]

Australia, 2013

Australia… What can I say? I’ve been to the edge of the world here. Funny, but people speak English at the edge of the world :-). It’s a bit of a dialect, different than any other English dialect I have heard, most similar to Scottish version. I can understand them, however, unlike the Scotts. This […]

Circular Polarizer

Circular polarizer filter is a rather curious thing and a recent addition for me.  Many filters are available from B&H and others but I highly recommend B+W filter to start with.  You can read in great detail on Wikipedia about what light polarization is and how circular polarizers work (very nice article, actually).  I will limit […]

Autographer no good?

So, Autographer finally came out of the closet. Well, it’s crap!  Or sure seems like it is. Reading the review from DPreview I am now fixed in my opinion: Autographer is completely useless crap. Please, by all means, disagree with me; but I think even Memoto is way more awesome — at least you know […]

Travel in Aussie

Terrible internet connection so uploading photos, hundreds of photos, while I am here does not seem feasible. This is a little strange… Just a thought about the difference between third-world and first-world countries is their availability of internet…  So, Australia, what’s up?!  This is supposedly a very fast-advancing forward-thinking economy, and stuff.  But what about […]