Brigantine, NJ

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Decided to swing by AC for a day; well, Brigantine, really. Walked over to the beach passing by endangered stuffs and right on to the volleyball courts right under the constant danger of being pooped on next to the freezing-cold poop-colored water.  Why is AC ocean so dirty? ahhh… zen! chill funky beautiful and deep […]

Collingswood Festival

Collingswood, NJ (3 of 16)

WOW, Collingswood’s wikipedia page has 140 references. Must be really legit! A friend invited me over and I did happen to have a bit of free time, so I decided to swing by, as I’ve been meaning to visit this nice little town. They had a chill band and everything! Suburban, yet close-enough to the […]

2016 Odunde festival

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Every year I walk outside of my building to find a huge festival in full-swing.  Starting early in the morning, thousands of people party like there is no tomorrow (and somehow manage to do this without alcohol sales). I welcome you to join me next year and walk around this place. Here are some sights […]

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA 2016) party + skate

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Ah, Spring!  Definitely my favorite time of the year :).  I absolutely adore everything in the Spring. Especially today, since the weather is gorgeous and—despite the early rain—we will be skating, and there is a festival going on in Philly. So, here’s a video from the skate.  It includes everything I though was worth turning […]

Inspirational story


So, I plan to start posting about weight loss (since I plan to loose some). Figured I’d share this inspirational story from Slowly and surely, my diet degraded to the point where it became just a shadow of the formerly nutritious diet to which I’d subscribed. By December of 2013, I looked in the […]

Manayunk festival

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Yo! What’up? Nada I’m heading to this festival in Manayunk, look like fun OK Spring is in the air; so what’s better to do on a Sunday than a festival somewhere? Sun is shining and the weather is oh-my-fucking-god! People are chill here.  Lovely Tons of kids.  I didn’t picture Manayunk to be all about the […]

Some photos from my backpack

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I’ve been carrying my camera with me at all times for a few weeks now.  I’ve had some interesting projects that I’ll share later but here are some photos that simply don’t fit into any category at all.  There’s just a “pocket dump”; but since the cam is not in my pocket but rather in […]

Social media experiments


Social media is not the reality, it is closer to fiction.  There is a certain persona that all of us put out forward to be on these sites, like Facebook, OkCupid, etc.  Well, I like to see the response to some things I post—just for my own entertainment—and this time I felt like sharing my […]

Miami Skate, 2016

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I’ve been skating with the Landskaters [FYI: the website appears to be down at the moment…] club for quite some time now.  It’s a great fun bunch of people, not without attitudes, and we are always out to have some fun and grab a beer mid-way.  Personally, I think skating is one of the best ways to […]

San Francisco, 2016

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I was here for one night in 2006 but somehow I didn’t post those pics on here. Well, the place is different from what I remember: way more homeless people. In the last ten years the economy was definitely not doing phenomenally well and it shows. I’we talked around the city and, to be honest, […]

Mummers parade skate


I posted already the photos of the aftermath of the Mummers Parade in Philly this year. However, we did go for a skate earlier in the day, following the parade route. We do this every year and it is definitely a shit-ton’a-fun! This year, around the city hall, the security was way too tight to let people on wheels […]

NYE 2016, Mummers parade aftermath

NYE 2016 Mummers (17 of 18)

Philly Mummers are definitely a fun rioty bunch and the endup of the parade is where it’s at: drunkards, trash, gluttony, and definitely clowns! Yeah, I don’t know… I don’t know, even more. Typical street view. Everyone is happy, though.  Very fun-filled crowd. Drinking TONS of shit-beer. Typical. And I think I see this guy every […]

NEY 2016, Philly

NYE 2016 (13 of 31)

So, what are your New Year’s resolutions? Mine are to spend the yer just like I spent this evening: surrounded by good friends, full of delicious libations, and watching something fun unfold. Don’t know about you, but I spent this NYE partying at Pier 3 down by the water, watching the fireworks. Here are some recollections from the […]

Persistence of nature


Funny thing I just noticed.  Walking in the city today I snapped a pic of some plants; later in the evening—right now—I edited a post from a while back this summer (just catching up on things) and realized that I picked the same exact shot for the cover image: Crazy, right?  Let’s see if you […]

Philly African festival

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Again, catching up with older photos. Here’s an email from July this year: The African Festival ~ August 2 ~ FREE – From 2 pm to 8 pm at The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing, enjoy artists, groups, and dance troupes from around the African continent to perform. Also enjoy delicious African food vendors, as well as traditional and modern clothing, arts, and crafts vendors. ~ The African Festival ~ The link is […]

Late December in Philly

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I’m traveling to California shortly and looks like the weather there is identical to today’s weather in Philly so I decided to “test out” an outfit I plan to wear to Cali. I brought the camera with to see if it fits well in the bag, etc etc etc. Managed to snap some photos and […]

Candle making

candle makinf 2015 (7 of 7)

Well, … let me telly ya… there is nothing more manly than making scented candles.  My only excuse to keep my manhood somehow is that I wanted to make a few presents for some friends so I did it :). The process is very simple.  Buy some candle wax: Melt it. Keep melting it, slowly. […]

Portland, OR

Portland-2015 (7 of 13)

Spent a day in Portland, OR.  Note, I went there in July and it’s December now, I know.  I’m just using the holiday time to catch up with posting. Anyway, I recall thinking this is a really gorgeous place to visit and must be a superb city to live in.  Can’t say anything about the […]

St. Martin, 2015

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Distant sounds of young girl’s laughter is about the only thing I can hear besides the wind here; and, no, it is not windy, just quiet. I can see the stars, too. What was the last time you looked up at the sky and saw something other than the projectors tracing the cloudy sky, advertising a […]

Fishtank reboot

2015-12-26 fish (5 of 6)

Every year (or-so) I completely renew my fishtank.  This year I decided to sell my hugely-overgrown monster fishes back to the store (made a cool $12.50) and renewed everything; largely owing to the failed filter. Now I have brand new filter, new plants, and new fish. This is very exciting for me since I don’t […]

Visit Philadelphia

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My favorite site Lifehack just published an article about the 20 reasons to visit Philly.  I completely agree with 19 of the 20 as I, personally, hate cheesesteaks.  Just terrible waste of calories!  However, you have to try them for yourself to really decide if you love them or you hate them; thus, I have […]



So I go a little nuts sometimes over the sports I do. I think it’s OK to be hurtin’ a little just about every day of my life—not too much, though, please. See, I recommend this level of activity to all who ask me about it: Do enough sports that you are tired in the […]

Sacramento, California

Sacramento (47 of 47)

I was here, yes I was. But I was here so-very-briefly that I cannot really judge this city’s character fully. However, the two hours I had to walk around are more than enough for me to take it in for the next time I might be here. Basically, I am beginning to see what people […]

Davis, California

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Exceedingly impressive and quiet little town, just a $30 Uber ride from the Sacramento airport. FYI: not sure about how Uber will progress here, but so-far UberX—my favorite kind of Uber—is available right at the airport [seems to be a disappearing trend, overall]. Anyway, I am here on business but, as in any travel, I […]

Asia, 2015


This was an interesting and quite eventful trip. Once again, I am convinced that Asia holds a significant power, a “sleeping monster”, I believe I called it last time. Well, things have not changed. I am still quite amazed at this place. I had a little more free time this time around than I did […]

Beijing, China (Asia, 2015)


WOW, just WOW. I did not expect this. Imagine Times Square, Manhattan, during rush hour. You got the image in your head? Well, this entire city is like this. Jam-packed with riffraff, scoundrels, noble, and mothers with their babes, this city is overfilling with life. I was here less than 24 hours: fly in, without […]

Chicago for a house party


So, I am trying something new here. I’ll post all the photos in a gallery, following the format of many of the online newspapers I see. Typically, I like to write a complete story, image by image. However, looks like I’m mostly captioning the pics so I can throw them in one big gallery and […]

Dalian, China (Asia, 2015)


This is a second time I am in Dalian and this time I am left to my own devices for two days before all the work begins. The good news is I get a few days to adjust to the new time zone (just change AM to PM and you’re good). The bad news—the only […]

Hurricane Joaquin in Philly

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Oh, the endless scary horror of a hurricane!… Why does Philly always overblow everything? Last time, for Sandy, there was barely any water on the streets of Philly. The Pope visit was… just slightly overblown, don’t you think?… This time, for the Hurricane Joaquin, I was expecting to see a little more than what’s in […]



We are prepping for the pope visit. Yay!  Walked by a few exhibits at the Art Museum yesterday and walked out to this, so just had to go over and take a look. First, there are many many powerful lights all over the place.  I think they are planning to see the Philly nights go […]

Philly in Fall


I had a bit of time today and decided to walk around the city a little and snap some pics.  I was running the cam in B&W preview mode (but pics are saved in RAW).  I honestly intended to do a classing black-and-white run but turns out I’m in love with color so changed all […]

Friends with benefits


I just wanted to re-stress the importance of having a bunch of friends.  I think it’s like the most super-duper thing you can possibly have—friends.  Yeah, I’m bragging, why not?  Since I decided to agree to most everything offered to me I went to see a soccer match.  Well, Inter Milan kicked ass and we […]

Barcelona, Spain, 2015


There is magic out there, I am sure of it, for I have seen it. You see, we go through life, as children, constantly learning new things, always improving, never stopping to believe there is a boogiemen out there or there is something far greater out there than what we are. Well, as we get […]

Jeju, South Korea (Asia, 2015)


No fault of the generous and gentle people of the Republic of South Korea, the weather majorly sucked. I was in Jeju just a few days and almost the entire time it rained and was pretty cold, for this time of the year. This is perfect weather for my tasks here—attending an international conference—I have […]

Beer me, Sparky!


Well, I got an email from the Philadelphia Beer Mile Run, inviting me… well, for a run.  This was a heck of a lot more fun than I had anticipated BUT it was definitely different than I had imagined it.  I think this was largely the “typical tailgating crowd” of which I very rarely find […]

Cairns (Queensland)


Funny story here. I’m a fucking moron, no, really. When I was packing for Australia trip, my first stop was here in Cairns, Queensland. Well, I looked up the weather here: 80F and sunny. So, what do I pack? Right, one pair for jeans, shorts, t-shirts, etc. I didn’t even look over at Sydney or […]



Update (August 6th, 2015): This post, along with a few others have been sitting in my drafts folder on WP for a few years (!!) already.  Clearly, it’s time to do something about this.  Even I’ve already switched to a different format for image uploads… OK, here we do, I’ll try to finish all the […]

More city skates


I think I overstated a bit this past weekend… Sure feels like it, watching these videos.  You know, I really do love outdoor activities; and skating is right on top there for me.  Honestly, I am not entirely sure why but a fact is a fact.  Well, check out these two vids from just your […]

Sunday skate

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 12.47.01 PM

Skating, again, yeah, I know.  I skate three times a week.  I just very rarely carry the camera with me.  This time I did and so I did yesterday.  Our skating group is pretty awesome in that we tend to change leaders often and, thus, we get to see different views of the city [my […]

Birthday (not mine) skate

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 5.50.51 PM

Skating is a ton’a’fun! I’ve been traveling for about a month so didn’t get a chance to partake in much of any sports at all, unfortunately. Arriving, I immediately went on a scale to find myself at 188 lbs, about 20 lbs over my preferred weight and 15 over my typical… Spleh! Ran to the […]

Seoul, South Korea (Asia, 2015)


I didn’t *really* leave the airport(s), just moved from one to the other one. But it’s pretty awesome here and I definitely want to visit Korea again and spend some significant time in Seoul. This is my first time in Korea but I think I would actually love it here. In my initial view, a […]

Guangzhou, China (Asia, 2015)


Fortunately, or unfortunately, I didn’t get out of the airport here. I was planning to, on the way back, but it’s 100F outside (I’m writing this while at the Guangzhou’s Airport coffee shop). There is a smoking room so I’ll just chill here and write, even though I have 11 hours total to wait :-). […]

Dragon Boat festival


Did you know anything about the International Dragon Boat festival?  Me neither.  But apparently there is such a thing (link is to the Philly race).  A few short months ago a friend of mine approached me with a strange request to occupy my Thursdays with sweat and water.  Oh, but why would I possibly refuse such […]

Visit Manayunk


Ah, Manayunk, !!! So close to Philly that I think, technically, it is not even considered a suburb :-). Lovely place for a visit, if you are in the area or you just feel like spending some money at a nice pub but the river or just being a shopaholic for a day and supporting […]

South Street Headhouse festival

springfest (137 of 175)-XL

There is a wonderful annual (?) event in Philly: South Street Headhouse festival. South Street lights up with drunk people and their drunker partners, friends, and buddies. Love it! Basically, for me, the event is centered around the Brauhaus pub on 8th and South and goes from there on to the rest of the pubs. […]

Narberth skate

Station Circle Tee shirt  Image cropped

Last Saturday my inline skate group ( decided to skate through Narberth, PA. Just a few miles from our starting point at the Art Museum, this is a great area to skate/bike/run/walk through, if you ever get a chance to enjoy. I’ve been here a few times before but this time around I did not […]